Abina is the first student-centered, collaboratively-designed digital resource built specifically to meet  multi-state 10th grade and AP world history standards and high school Core Curriculum standards for History/Social Science. Abina features:

  • a story drawn directly from a primary source, with the original testimony included in the app.
  • six beautifully animated videos centered upon compelling figures including a young, female heroine.
  • extensive text to support student literacy along four pre-designed pathways: colonialism, slavery, the individual and society, and biography.
  • alignment with curricular and federal/state history standards.
  • learning tools that facilitate student learning of historical methods and skills as well as content.
  • the ability to explore important topics like enlightenment ideas, slavery, colonialism, and gender from an African and Atlantic perspective.
  • a rich palette of lesson plans and tools for teachers that all you to rapidly fit Abina into your lesson plans.

Abina will work on your students’ phones, on tablets, or on laptop or desktop computers! If you have any questions, write to us   sales@ebuukuu.com.


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