About the Abina app

Abina and the Important Men

Young, enslaved, African, and poor, Abina Mansah was the kind of person you never learned about in history class. Today’s students are luckier. They can meet this bold, intelligent, and pugnacious young woman in Abina, a digital education app designed around the 19th century documents that tell the story of Abina taking her master to court.

About the ABINA app

  • weaves together 6 animated movies, entertaining story, beautiful art, and important content
  • explores global issues through the personal experiences of the story’s characters
  • is aimed at the hearts and minds of high school students and teachers
  • helps students build key critical thinking and social studies skills

At its core is a brilliant movie adaptation of Abina’s story, charmingly voiced and animated by San Francisco State University students and teachers. The movie, embedded in an eReader, allows students to explore the global issues and personal experiences of Abina and others in the story. Teachers will love the accompanying instructional materials that include lesson plans, groupwork materials, and project designs.

You can download the app for mobile, tablet, or laptop from the Apple, Android, or Google stores. Email sales@ebuukuu.com for pricing and to purchase.